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Strata Community Asutralia

Strata Community Australia (NSW) – Strata Community Australia is the leading professional body for the strata and community title sector in NSW. Noble Strata is a member of SCA NSW.

Who’s Responsible? A guide to common Property This document is produced by the Licensed Chapter Committee of SCA NSW for guidance to Strata Managers in determining responsibilities over common property.

NSW Office of Fair Trading

Office of Fair Trading – The Office of Fair Trading is responsible for protecting consumer’s rights and advises business and traders on fair and ethical practice. Also provides mediation services for strata disputes.


NCAT – NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal hears and decides cases about strata disputes.

Strata Living. What you should know about Residential, Commercial and other Strata Schemes  – A comprehensive guide for Strata Owners & Residents.

Buying into a Strata Scheme – Important information if you are considering purchasing a strata title property.

NSW Land Registry Services

NSW Land Registry Services

Mediation Services (Office of Fair Trading)